1. Is there Insurance backing the protection?
2. Why should I purchase a vehicle service contract(s)?
3. How do vehicle service contract(s) work?
4. When should I purchase coverage?
5. How much do vehicle service contract(s) cost?
6. Is my coverage cancellable?
7. What parts and service does a vehicle service contract(s) cover?
8. Is my car, truck or SUV eligible for coverage?
9. Do I have to wait for reimbursement on my repair claim?
10. How are repair claims processed?
11. What happens if I lose my paperwork?
12. Where can I get my vehicle repaired?


1. Yes! Old United Casualty Company Insurance with AM Best Rated “A” Excellent rating stands behind every vehicle service contract(s).


2. Vehicle service contract(s) are there when your vehicle needs repairs. You have protected your household budget from unexpected expenses and that includes a hedge against inflation. Plus we have made sure that getting the job done is easy and convenient. Every plan comes with towing and rental car reimbursements. Since 1979 we have served more than 5 million customers with over 1.6 million current satisfied customers.


3. If you experience a mechanical breakdown, call our toll-free number and contact our claims office. You will be directed to your selling dealer, or the nearest franchise make dealer, for determination of covered repairs and claims authorization. All covered repairs must be authorized by us in advance of repair completion. Upon completion of a covered and authorized repair, MPP will pay the repair facility direct, less any applicable deductible or additional services requested by you. In case of an emergency or if after our business hours, you may contact our 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.


4. Vehicle service contract(s) coverage are the most economical to purchase early in the life of your car or truck. It is less expensive to buy coverage up to 100,000 miles when your vehicle is new or nearly new. Coverage costs are dependent upon mileage and conditions. And you never pay for double coverage. If vehicle service contract(s) is purchased during the manufacturer’s warranty, that coverage is taken into consideration when rates are determined.


5. Just like car insurance, the cost of an vehicle service contract(s) are directly dependent on the type of car you own, how long it has been in service, the mileage and what deductible and plan you select. Vehicle service contract(s) can be included in your vehicle purchase financing, paid for separately or financed separately (0% interest) with a minimum down payment and option to pay the balance over 12 to 18 months, depending upon your plan term.


6. Absolutely. If you are unsatisfied with your coverage, or if you trade your vehicle prior to the term expiration, you may cancel the MPP Vehicle Service Agreement at any time. Provided there are no claims made under the MPP Vehicle Service Contract, you may cancel within thirty (30) days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price paid. After thirty (30) days of if there are claims made, you will receive a prorated refund of the purchase price paid, less a $50.00 service change (the refund calculation method and service charge may vary by state, please see State Specific Disclosures for any amendments that may apply to Your State). If you sell your vehicle to another individual, you may transfer coverage, making your vehicle more valuable to the new owner.


7. It’s easier to say what we do not cover. Over 1,500 components are covered by all of our Platinum Level coverage. Those few items not covered by individual plans are detailed in the plan brochure on each product web page. View New Car Warranties & Used Car Warranties


8. There are a wide variety of plans available depending upon if you are purchasing coverage at the time of vehicle sale or later as an aftersale. Please see your selling dealer for the options that are available to your vehicle and fits your needs. Coverage may be available on vehicles with up to 90,000 miles on the odometer and up to eight (8) model years old. There are conditions and an inspection is necessary. See the list of dealerships offering vehicle service contract(s). Find an MPP Dealer


9. No. On repairs authorized in advance, pays for covered repairs directly to the repair facility. Your only out-of-pocket expense is the deductible, if applicable, and any charges not covered under your contract.


10. Bring your car to your dealership, any participating dealership or an authorized ASE repair facility . The repair facility will contact MPP for pre-authorization before the work is performed. And MPP will pay the repair facility directly. It’s that simple!


11. No worries. When the repair facility contacts MPP to obtain authorization for any covered repair, we can access your coverage information by either your name or Vehicle ID#.


12. Vehicle service contract(s) are welcome at virtually all dealerships, authorized ASE repair facilities. You have the protection of our nationwide claims process.