Transfer A Contract

Transfer a Contract or Receive a Refund   

MPP Warranty Plan Benefits and the Extended Service Contracts can add value when it comes time to sell or trade your vehicle.  If you decide to sell or trade your vehicle before your plan expires, you may be entitled to a refund.  MPP extended warranty plans are transferable to the new vehicle owner, when you sell your car.   Prefer to trade in your vehicle?  Then you may be entitled to a refund.  MPP extended warranties are also refundable if you have not reached the end of your contract term and wish to sell you vehicle.

If you have questions or wish additional information regarding a transfer or cancellation, please let us know by completing the form provided below. Please be advised that completing the form below does not constitute a formal request to transfer or cancel your agreement with us. All transfers and cancellations must be in writing and signed by you to be accepted.

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