Certified Pre-Owned Wrap Vehicle Coverage

We have a vested interest in your complete satisfaction with your total vehicle buying experience.  In fact, that is exactly why this program was originally developed.  Mechanical Protection Plan® (MPP) was developed in 1979 because many of our customers had purchased service agreements from other companies – only to be mistreated when requesting service or lose their coverage because the issuer went out of business. We wanted to be sure our customers had a program that would be there for them when they needed it the most.  No one has more to lose from your dissatisfaction and more to gain from your complete satisfaction than we do.

Platinum Coverage – Coverage designed especially for your certified pre-owned vehicle.

Nationwide Claims Assistance – If you sustain a mechanical failure, MPP will provide immediate claims authorization for covered repairs. Payment will be made immediately to your dealer or any authorized ASE certified repair facility.

Controls Unknown Expenses – You never know when a failure will occur. Protect yourself from unknown expenses by letting MPP pay the repair bill.

Guards Against Inflation – Over the last five years, labor costs     have increased by 40% and parts costs have increased by 35%. MPP pays for covered repairs regardless of inflation.

Transferable – This plan is transferable, making your vehicle more desirable to the next owner.

Refundable – If you decide to sell or trade your vehicle before this plan expires, you may be entitled to a refund.

Covered Parts
You deserve to know what this plan covers, and more importantly, what it does not. For this reason, we are offering our customers Premier protection, a vehicle service agreement so extensive that virtually every mechanical and electrical component is covered. Our coverage is so extensive that it is easier to list what is not covered in the list below.

Covered when in conjunction with a covered repair: suspension alignment, wheel balancing, filters, lubricants, air conditioning recharge, engine coolants, fluids, spark/glow plugs, engine tune-up, brake pads/linings/shoes, and manual clutch disc linings.

Items not covered:
Unless required in connection with the repair of a Covered Part due to failure, the following are not covered under this agreement: engine tune-up, suspension/wheel alignment, wheel balancing, filters, lubricants, engine coolant, fluids, air conditioning recharging, spark/glow plugs, brake pads/brake linings/shoes, and manual clutch disc lining, or any maintenance services and parts described in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

Other parts not covered (except as described under Care Coverage) are glass, lenses, tires, wheels, wheel covers, hard and soft trim, weather strips, convertible or vinyl tops, moldings,
bright metal, sheet metal, body panels, body parts, bumpers, chassis frame, cross members, body rails, body hinges, carpet, upholstery, paint, belts and hoses, exhaust system (except exhaust manifolds), catalytic converter, brake rotors and drums, shock absorbers, spark/glow/plug wires, batteries, hybrid/lithium/high voltage battery pack, battery cables, wiper blades or inserts, keys/key fobs/transponders/keyless remote switch. In addition, correction of air and water leaks, wind noise, squeaks and rattles, and contaminated fuel systems are not covered.


Rental Vehicle
Reimbursement up to $35 per day maximum of $350 per repair visit, when your vehicle is diagnosed as inoperable due to a failure of a covered component.

24-Hour Emergency Road Side/ Towing Assistance
Towing: Dispatch allowance up to $100, per occurrence, when required due to a failure or breakdown of a covered component. Road Side Service: Dispatch allowance up t $100 per occurrence when you need onside road service for a battery jump, locksmith/ key service, or fuel delivery when out of gas.

MPP Care Coverage
If YOU purchased the CARE Option as part of your agreement coverage, you will also receive the following benefits: scheduled chassis lubrication, engine oil change, engine oil filter replacement and tire rotation services recommended in the maintenance schedule detailed in the owner’s manual for your covered vehicle.
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