On-Gard Theft Protection

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Over 1.3 Million cars are stolen every year. Protect your vehicle.

Help protect yourself and your vehicle from would-be thieves by installing the On-Gard® Theft Protection System.

Professional car thieves target vehicles they are able to sell quickly. The On-Gard® Theft Protection System leaves a permanent and traceable registration number on the vehicle’s windshield, rear window and side windows that cannot be removed like other anti-theft devices. Warning labels clearly alert would-be thieves that your vehicle is equipped with such protection.

Your auto insurance may not cover all associated expenses you incur if your vehicle is stolen. If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, your auto insurance agrees to pay for the current market value of your vehicle at the time of loss. You may be faced with incidental expenses not covered by your auto insurer such as deductibles, substitute transportation, and vehicle replacement expenses (sales tax, registration fees, increased costs of a new vehicle). The On-Gard® Theft Protection System will help to offset those expenses and ease the financial distress associated with vehicle theft.*

You may be entitled to a discounted premium by most major auto insurance companies for having a theft deterrent system installed on your vehicle. Please check with your auto insurance carrier for details.

*If, during your registration period, your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days, you may be entitled to Vehicle Protection Expenses up to $4,550.