Lease Wear Coverage

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Your Complete Satisfaction is Our Goal

Therefore, we have designed a program that will protect you from unknown wear and tear assessments upon the expiration of your lease or residual based purchase agreement. After turning in your vehicle, it is inspected for excessive wear and tear damage. Why worry about costly penalties at the end of your lease? Protect yourself against additional expenses.

Additional Benefits:

Nationwide Claims Assistance – You’ll have the security of knowing that your Lease Wear Vehicle Service Agreement is backed by the Old United Casualty Company. We are dedicated to offering exceptional products along with nationwide claims service-which means we will be there when you need is the most.


If you decide to sell or trade your vehicle before this plan expires, you may be entitled to a refund of the unearned amount.

Up to $5,000 in protection and coverage for the excess wear and tear charges assessed on the following:

  • Paint damage
  • Exterior surface dents, scratches, chips, pits, rust, corrosion or cracks
  • Head lamp, turn signal, running lights and fog lenses
  • Tail, turn and brake light lenses
  • Sealed beams, halogen and light bulbs
  • Bumpers, bumper covers, step bumpers and surrounding bumper trim
  • Mufflers, tail pipe, header pipe, catalytic converter (excludes manifold)
  • Brake rotors, drums, pads, linings and shoes
  • Shock absorbers and strut insert cartridges
  • Interior upholstery surface rips, tears, stains and spotting
  • Convertible and vinyl tops, including trim and moldings
  • Front and rear windshield, side glass chips, breakage, discoloration, stone bruises, sand damage and pitting
  • Chrome, bright metal, moldings and trim, side mirrors and rear view mirror
  • Door, trunk and hatch handles
  • Hood ornaments and body insignia
  • Alloy and steel wheels
  • Wheel covers
  • Excess tire wear with less than 1/8 inch remaining tread
  • All fasteners including bolts, studs, pinks, clips, screw and retainers
  • Belts and hoses
  • Audio equipment, speakers and systems