President’s Corner

Hi, I am Dan Mattox President of MPP/ Old United Insurance Company.

When MPP was developed in 1979, the Automobile Service Contract business was new and there were opportunities to make a difference by doing business the right way and keeping promises. Over 30 years later, that remains the foundation of our company. We understand that no one has more to lose from a dissatisfied customer and more to gain from your complete satisfaction than we do. We also know that each and every claim we are asked to pay deserves our utmost attention, and as a result we enjoy industry leading service levels. (Our average wait time to speak with an adjuster is 7 seconds!).

We know that we are measured each and every day, and we are ready for the challenge. It takes experience and dedication along with ample resources to be the best in our field. Our average tenure of our staff here at MPP is over 10 years and I have been here since 1984. I am glad that you have taken time to look at our plans and coverage’s and I know you will be happy with our product. In closing, please know there is a difference in companies and we want you to own the very best, MPP!


Dan Mattox
MPP/ Old United Insurance Company